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10 Questions To Ask A Removals Company

Given the nature of work that Removal company do, sourcing for a reputable and reliable company is important.

Before trusting a particular company, here are the ten questions that help you assess the credibility:

1. For how long has the company engaged in removal services and what is the future?

2. Is the Company registered with both the Companies and the BAR institutions?

3. What are the insurance policies of goods and people on transit?

4. What are the charging criteria and the considerations?

5. Does the Company have a warehouse and all the relevant equipment to guarantee safety of goods on transit?

6. What are the time limits and the explanation behind the stated delivery times

7. Are there any terms and conditions governing the nature of the goods on transit?

8. What is the guarantee that my home will reach the destination safest possible?

9. Why should I choose the specific Removal Company and not the rest?