5 Photography Tips For Beginners

Photography is a skill which like any other skill can be improved by practicing. If you want to develop a better photography skill or are wondering how you can improve your images these are a few photography tips for beginners that would help in taking better pictures.

Thanks to Natasha Jenkins wedding photographer in Cardiff for taking the time out to speak with us @ Agoraphobia and provide us with the following 5 valuable tips.

1. Fill the Frame

If you want to take a picture of a flower then make sure that you have the flower in most of your frame. Try getting as close to the object as possible in order to take better pictures. You always have the option to zoom in and click pictures but the photographs are way better when you go closer to the object whose picture you want to capture.

2. Simplify and Exaggerate

To take a good photo you need to highlight the right element that you want to exaggerate. This could be done by color contrast or changing the shutter speed, etc. The rule here is to take a picture and figure out the elements you want to simply or exaggerate and then do the right tools to give your photographs more definition.

3. The rule of Thirds

Use the grid option in order to divide your photo into a chess board having 9 squares. Now place the important subjects on the lines or the intersection and not in the center of the frame. Doing this helps you to define a relationship between different subjects in your photo frame helping you take a better picture.

4. Create Depth

This technique is to create depth in your pictures where you have a foreground subject close to the camera and a background subject far from your camera creating a story and a context for the image. It also creates 3-dimensional depth and perspective.

5. Connect the Subjects

Connect the subjects in your picture so that a viewer who views your photo has a better visual journey. Use leading lines in order to connect a few elements on your photographs. They could be rivers or sand dune ridges, basically anything that connects the foreground to the background of the photo giving the viewer a better visual journey.